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Common ground: We all love our diesels! Power, torque, dependability... Oh, that distinctly sweet diesel sound is "music" to the ears. Diesel owners are a uniquely loyal group. We have watched the unrelenting rising costs of diesel fuel match or exceed gasoline prices at the pump. We yet remain loyal to our diesels and for good reason! We understand that the superiority of performance these machines provide is worth both the cost and the commitment.

Detouring Obstacles: The new "clean technology" confronting diesel enthusiasts today has impacted diesel engine performance in less-than-positive ways. In fact, many diesel-fueled vehicle owners have discovered a drastic reduction in fuel mileage from previous levels. Unfortunate as this news may be to diesel fans, the new technology- for better or worse- is here to stay. Fortunately, however, EIS has an array of products available to provide a solution specific to your particular need. Let our qualified staff help you regain some of the engine performance you miss! The right modification choice can help you best take advantage of your diesel engine and provide overall improvements in performance and mileage that give a great return on investment. Examples include:

  • Programmer or "chip" installation
  • Intake adjustment or product modification
  • Exhaust product adjustment or modification
  • Injectors (upgrades/performance-modification)

Modification Benefits are Popular & Efficiency Oriented: One of the most popular modifications frequently being installed is the use of a diesel performance chip. Today the term "chip" can be used to describe a variety of electronic performance tools. The right "chip" for your diesel may be an unfamiliar designation such as: performance module, tuner, downloader, or might be the familiar term of "traditional chip." Adding something new to your diesel engine may seem counterintuitive on the surface, but our experts can attest to the continual benefits. Without fail, performance chips have consistently shown to improve fuel economy by improving the efficiency of the fuel that is used. Schedule a consultation with us today to determine if a chip modification is right for your truck.

One Imperative Universal Modification: A simple and effective upgrade every diesel owner is recommended to make, is installing a performance air intake system. The high-flow performance filters that come with today's intake kits are washable and reusable and pay for themselves over and over. The importance of this upgrade hinges on one fact: everything an engine does, requires air. Anything that enhances airflow results in better fuel economy. EIS can help with this easy but worth-while modification.

Maintenance- Your Partner in Savings and in Performance: Regular mechanical maintenance is a major contributing factor to the longevity of any vehicle. Vehicle maintenance can offset the rising costs of major repair work and in particular, can greatly extend the life of an engine. Diesel engines are excellent and reliable engines if regularly and properly maintained. EIS technicians are experts at maintaining diesel engines to prevent unnecessary mechanical breakdown. Our staff provides essential preventative maintenance and timely communication with our clients should any mechanical concerns arise during routine maintenance or inspection. At EIS the goal is to partner with our clients in order to head-off major engine work wherever possible. Keeping on top of maintenance needs is as important as any engine modification because a well maintained truck will perform optimally, just as it was designed. At EIS no maintenance job is too big or too small. We are here to help!

    Key Maintenance Tips:
  • Change oil at specific intervals as recommended by your engine specialist. This is important for the engine & is also crucial for the injectors in the Ford Powerstroke.
  • Regular inspection of glow plugs is very critical for proper diesel engine performance. The ignition of this engine depends upon compressed heat but often fails to produce enough heat independently for the fuel to burn. As a result, the glow plugs are used to heat up the cylinder before the cold engine gets started. During the winter season, these glow plugs require frequent inspection to maintain consistent performance.
  • Inspect & clean air filters at every oil change. All filters have an "air-minder" attached to the intake. The air-minder is designed to signal when cleaning or changing the air filter is required. Keep in mind that air filters do not become plugged on a time or mileage basis. Air filters become plugged as a result of the operating environment of the vehicle.
    • Every 30,000 miles- Perform a complete vehicle inspection of the following:
    • Steering
    • Monitoring devices
    • Brakes
    • Tires

EIS is your trusted "go-to" shop where maintenance and performance meet professionalism!

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