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Custom Built Injectors

"State of the Art" Bosch common rail test equipment, we take the guess work out of your repairs.

Electronic Injection Services is one of few Bosch Authorized & Certified Service dealers that have background and training knowledge on diesel fuel injection systems.

With over 25 years of experience in building injectors, EIS has developed a line of performance injectors that increase horsepower and fuel mileage by its additional low end torque. Customers may not need the horsepower but are interested in the additional fuel mileage that can be achieved with performance nozzles/injectors.

An extrude process is done on each injector nozzle orifice, allowing more fuel delivery and therefore accelerating the flow through the nozzle. This will increase the mileage by getting your vehicle up to speed faster with less throttle

Standard Nozzle Tip

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